The Ti-Ger Analogy of Stuttering Empowerment

My Mac OS X and Android parody

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Ti-Ger is one of my favourite original characters. I liked the style so much that I started creating other big cats in the same way. Namely, the mouth and teeth. First was Jag-Uar. He was my little tribute to Panthera CEO and fellow stutterer, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz. I heard his story about saving jaguars on an old episode of Radio Lab and next thing I know, I was spending my lunch hours trying to create a convincing jaguar cartoon. I think I created L-ion next and eventually remembering Apple’s branding for Mac OS X based on big cats (not that I’m a fanboy). My favourite of the bunch: Cheeeetah, P-Puma and L-Leopard. Yes, I spelled all their names in stutter just like I did with Ti-Ger. And House Cat? I just couldn’t resist. No need for a stutter (maybe he’s covert? He could have easily said ‘Domestic Cat’.)

March 28, 2011